Annotation:Royal Country (The)

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X:1 % T: The Royal County C: Peter Fitzgerald Q: 350 R: reel Z:Transcribed by Bill Black M: 4/4 L: 1/8 K: G BAGE DG G2 | ADFA G3 B | dG G2 cAAG | FGAG FD D2 | BAGE DG G2 | ADFA G2 AG | FAde defe | dcAF G2 GA :| Bd d2 edBA | Bded edBG | FA A2 ABAG | FGAG FD D2 | Bd d2 edBA | Bded efga | gabg gfdg | fdcA G2 GA :|

ROYAL COUNTRY, THE. Irish, Reel. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed by banjo player Peter Fitzgerald, originally from County Meath and, in 1996, late of Baltimore.

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Printed sources : - Black (Music’s the Very Best Thing), 1996; No. 244, p. 130.

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