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X:1 T:Royal Princess Two-Step C:Graham Townsend M:4/4 L:1/8 R:Two-Step F: Z:collected from Eileen McCoy, who learned it from Canadian Z:fiddler Peter Malleson. Arr. Fred Pribac. K:D Ad|:f4 f3g|f2d2A2F2|A4 A3(B|A2)F2 GGF2| |1 E4 c3(d|c2) B4 cB|A4 A2B2|A2D2F2A2:| |2 E4 e3(d|c2) A2B2c2|d4 {e}d3d|{c}d6 FE|| |:D4 D3(E|F2)D2 FDFA|d4 d3(e|f2)d2A2F2| |1 c4 c3(d|c2)B4 cB|A4 A2B2|A2 D4 FE:| |2 e4e3(d|c2)A2B2c2|d4 {e}d3d |d6||

ROYAL PRINCESS TWO-STEP. Canadian, Two-Step (4/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. "Royal Princess Two-Step" is one of the best-known compositions by Ontario champion fiddler Graham Townsend [1] (1942-1998), written to commemorate the 1958 visit of Princess Margaret of England to Canada. Princess Margaret [2] (1930-2002), Countess of Snowdon, was the sister of Queen Elizabeth II. See also the closely related "Little Princess Footsteps (The)."

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Printed sources : - Townsend (Graham Townsend's 30 Canadian Fiddle Tunes), 1994.

Recorded sources : - Apex 26456 (78 rpm), Don Messer & His Islanders (1958). Apex AL-1604, "Down East Dancin' with Don Messer and his Islanders Vol. 3" (1958). Banff Rodeo RBS 1163, Graham Townsend - "International Fiddling Championship" (1963). Cheyenne Records 89003, Townsend - "Mandolin Favourites." Point Records PS-357, Graham Townsend - "Harvest Home." Patti Lamoureux - "Prairie Fire."

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