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X:1 % T: Royal Scots Polka T: Polka, D C: Donald Shaw Ramsey L: 1/16 F: M: C K: D |: (3A2B2c2| d4c2d2 B4A4| d4A2d2 f8| e4g2e2 c4e2c2| A2c2e2f2 g4f2e2| d4c2d2 B4A4| d4A2d2 f4e2f2| g2e2e2c2 A2c2e2g2| f4d4 d4:| |: f2g2| a6g2 f4d4| A4d4 f2a2e2f2| g6e2 c4e4| A2c2e2f2 g4f2g2| [1 a6f2 d6e2| f2a2f2e2 d6A2| B4g2f2 e4c2A2| d8 d4:| [2 a2g2g2f2 f2e2e2d2| d2c2B2A2 a4e2f2| g2e2e2c2 A2c2e2g2| f4d4 d4|] D: Wendy MacIsaac, That's What You Get, WMT004

ROYAL SCOTS POLKA. Scottish, Pipe Polka (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). A four-part polka composed by Pipe Major Willie Denholm, the First Battalion, The Royal Scots, a military pipe band (it is sometimes mistakenly credited to Donald Shaw Ramsey, in whose collection it appears). It was adapted for country dancing by bandleader and accordionist Jimmy Shand.

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Recorded sources: - CBS ‎SPR 60, Jimmy Shand Jr. & His Band - "Scottish Party" (1971). Parlophone F3501 (78 RPM), Jimmy Shand and His Band. WMT002, Wendy MacIsaac – “That’s What You Get” (1998?).

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