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X: 1 T: Séamus Meehan's R: reel M: C L: 1/8 K: Bm Bg | f2 Bc dBfB | eA ~A2 aecA | f2 Bc (3dcB fB | ceAc cB ~B2 | fB ~B2 FBfB | eA ~A2 aecA | BcdB cdeg |1 fedc dB :|2 fedc dBBA || B2 ba faed | cAeA aecA | ~B2 ba faed | cAeA dB ~B2 | B2 ba faed | cAeA aecA | BcdB cdeg |1 fedc dBBA :|2 fedc dB B2 :|

SÉAMUS MEEHAN’S. AKA and see "Dunrobin Castle (4)", "Forfar Hunt," "Jimmy's Return." Irish, Reel (whole time). B Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Taylor/Tweed): AA’BB’. According to Karen Tweed the tune was not written by Meehan, but rather played by him. A version of the reel was published by Francis O'Neill as "Jimmy's Return," although O'Neill's source is unknown. However, the tune is an adaptation of the older Scottish tunes "Forfar Hunt" (Athole Collection, 1884) and "Dunrobin Castle (4)" (Caledonian Repository, 1848).

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Printed sources : - Taylor (Traditional Irish Music: Karen Tweed’s Irish Choice), 1994; p. 33.

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