Annotation:Sacramento Mountain Rag

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X:1 % T:Sacramento Mountain Rag M:C L:1/8 K:A c2d2^d2|efae faef|aef(a a)fe2|ABce cBAF|E2 AB cBAc| B(e e2)e3f|g2ge feBc|d2 (3ded dcB2|1 c2c2 d2^d2:|2 (A4 A)FEC|| (A,4 A,)CEA|c2 (3BcB A2=G2|(F4 F)Ade|f2 (3efe d2c2| B(e e4) ef|g2ge feBc|d2 (3ded c2B2|1(c4 c)B A2:|2 A2||

SACRAMENTO MOUNTAIN RAG. AKA – “Sacramento Rag.” Old-Time, Bluegrass, Contest; Country Rag (whole time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The tune was popularized by New Mexico fiddler Forest "Junior" Daughtery in the early 1970's.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - Floyd Engstrom (b. Bremerton, Washington, 1918) and Gil Kiesecker [Silberberg].

Printed sources : - Silberberg (93 Fiddle Tunes I Didn’t Learn at the Tractor Tavern), 2004; p. 37.

Recorded sources: - Junior Daugherty - Oldtime fiddling & other folk music, Weiser, Idaho, 1975" (1975). Goldust LPS-158, Junior Daugherty - "Just fiddlin', volume II" (1971). Voyager VRCD360, "Gil Kiesecker: Blue Mountain Memories" (2004).

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