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X:1 T:Sad, Sad am I [1] T:S' trom trom a tha mi M:C L:1/8 R:”Highland Air” N:”A Favorite Highland Air, The second strain by W. Morrison.” B:William Morrison - Collection of Highland music, consisting of B:strathspeys, reels, marches, waltzes & slow airs (c. 1813, p. 1) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:C c/d/|{c}e2 {ef}g>e ~c2 (cd)|e>f gf eAAB/c/|{e}d>c {c}B>A G>{GA}F EG| {d}cB/c/ {e}dc/d/ eccd|e>f ge {d}c2 cd|{f}e{d}c {a}g{f}d eAAB/c/| {f}e/d/c/B/ {e}d/c/B/A/ G>{AGF}E GA/B/|{d}cB/c/ {e}dc/d/|ecc|| E/>D/|C>E CD EFGE|CcTB>c dA Ac/e/|{e}d>B {e}d/c/B/A/ G>FEG| {d}cB/c/ {e}dc/d/ {cd}ecc E/D/|C>D CD EFGE|CcBc dA Ac/e/| {f}e/d/c/B/ d/c/{c}B/A/ !fermata!G{AG}F{GF}!fermata!E (G/A/4B/4)|{d}cB/c/ {e}dc/d/ {cd}ecc||

SAD, SAD AM I [1] (S' trom trom a tha mi). Scottish, Air (whole time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. William Morrison dedicated his c. 1813 collection of Highland music to Mary Proby (daughter of The Very Rev Baptist Proby, 7th Dean of Lichfield, and Mary Russell) who became Lady Seaforth upon her marriage in 1782. Morrison gave this melody pride of place, underneath the dedication on the first page. It may be conjectured that this "Favorite Highland Air" (as Morrison called it) was a particular favorite of Lady Seaforth's. Lady Seaforth died in Edinburgh in February, 1829, having outlived four sons and her husband, a former Governor of Barbadoes who did much to curb the excesses of the slave trade. Both Lieutenant-General Francis Humberston Mackenzie, 1st Baron Seaforth (1754–1815) and Lady Seaforth were generous patrons of the arts, and took a lively interest in science, particularly botany. Unfortunately, their estates were mismanaged, and their own extravagances led to tragic later years, and Lord Seaforth died in 1815, "heartbroken and paralysed in mind and body".

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Printed sources : - William Morrison ( Collection of Highland music, consisting of strathspeys, reels, marches, waltzes & slow airs), c. 1813; p. 1.

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