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X:1 T:Sailor's Return [3], The M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Country Dance Tune B: Stewart & Co. – Circus Tunes, No. 8 (Edinburgh, c. 1800, pp. 1-2) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:F {e}fA/B/ (c/A/)(c/A/)|{e}fA/B/ (c/A/)(c/A/)|[B/d/][A/c/][G/B/][F/A/] [EG](g/a/)|(b/a/g/f/) (f/e/d/c/)| {e}fA/B/ (c/A/)(c/A/)|{e}fA/B/ (c/A/)(c/A/)|[B/d/][A/c/][G/B/][F/A/] [EG]g/b/|a/g/f/e/ !fermata![A2c2f2]!fine!:| a(f/a/) (f/a/)(f/a/)|g(e/g/) (e/g/)(e/g/)|af/a/ f/a/f/a/|g/f/e/d/ cd/e/| (f/d/)(f/d/) (e/c/)(e/c/)|(f/d/)(f/d/) (e/c/)(e/c/)|(f/a/g/f/) (e/d/c/B/)|[EAc][EAc] !fermata![EAc](d/e/)!D.C.!||

SAILOR'S RETURN [3], THE. Scottish, Country Dance Tune (2/4 time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The Amphitheatre or Edinburgh Equestrian Circus opened on January 25th, 1790. "Equestrian exercises" were advertised as being performed by Messrs. Parker, Sutton, King and John Bell Ricketts (see "Rickett's Hornpipe"), with comic interludes by a clown named Mr. Jenkinson, commonly called the 'great Devil'. New ballet performances were by Mr. Holland and Miss Brugier, from Sadler's Wells, London. Soon pantomime and sometimes burlettas were added to the schedule. The circus continued through most of the 1790's in various iterations, until the last season of 1799.

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Printed sources : - Stewart & Co. (Circus Tunes, No. 8), Edinburgh, c. 1800; pp. 1-2.

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