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X:1 T:Salem Gallop C: N:From the Aurora 1880 manuscript, Aurora, Oregon Z:V.T. Williams M:2/4 K:A c2|c2dc ^B2c2|A6c2|e2G2 e2G2|e2G2 e2G2|c2dc ^B2c2|A6c2|e2G2 e2G2|A4z2:| |:B2|B2a2 g2f2|g2fe ^d2e2|f2B2 ^d2f2|(e2g2 b2e'2)|B2a2 g2f2|g2fe ^d2e2|fB^df b2d2|e4z2:| |:c2|c2d2 ^d2e2|f2e2a4|a2g2 b4|b2a2 c'2a2|c2d2 ^d2e2|f2e2(a4|a2)g2 b2g2|a4z2:| |:b2|b2c'b ^a2b2|.g2.e2 .e'2.e2|b2c'b ^a2b2|g2e2 e'2e2|d'3e g3b|d'3e g3b|d'3d' d'3d'|d'4z2c2| c2d2 ^d2e2|f2e2(a4|a2)g2 (b4|b2)a2 c'2a2|c2d2 ^d2e2|f2e2a4|a2g2 b2g2|a4z2:|

SALEM GALLOP. AKA Salem Galopede. USA, Western/Pacific. Galop (2/4 time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDCDC. This is from a manuscript dated 1880, which was in the possession of William Henry Ehlen (1876-1945), who played violin and cornet in a dance band, and was a descendant of a prominent musical family in the Aurora colony in Oregon's Willamette Valley. The tune appears in the Joseph Sedlak manuscript with the title of Salem Galopede; several of the tunes in the 1880 manuscript seem to have been copied from the Sedlak manuscript.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - 1880 Aurora manuscript

Printed sources : - Williams (The Aurora Violin Manuscripts), 2016 (p. 88)

Recorded sources : - Voyager 383, Vivian Williams et al. - "Tunes from the Aurora Violin Manuscripts" (2019).

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