Annotation:Sally in the Wildwood

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SALLY/SALLIE IN THE WILDWOOD. Old-Time, Breakdown. USA, Alabama. Unfortunately, if this is an unknown tune it appears to have been 'lost to the ages', with the title, only, surviving. No published music or sound recordings exist of a tune with that name. However, "Sally in the Wildwood" may be an alternate title for one of the "Sally Ann" tunes or for another tune. The reel was in the repertory of Alabama fiddler D. Dix Hollis (1861-1927), who considered it one of "the good old tunes of long ago" according to the Opelika Daily News of April 17, 1926. The tune title “Sally in the Wildwood” is listed as one of the tunes performed for the Georgia Old-Time Fiddlers Conventions held in Atlanta, 1913-1935.

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