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X:1 T:Cairo in the Cabbage Patch S:Taylor Kimball M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:Marimac Recordings 9036-C, "Kimble Family: Carroll County Pioneers" (1992) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D ABd2 +slide+f3a|e2d4(fg|a3)b agfe|d2+slide+f3g fedB| ABde fed2|e2dc Bcd2|edBc ABc2|d2d4|| A2-|ABde +slide+f2(f/g/f)|e2d4((3efg|a)bag fga2|+slide+f3g fedB| ABde fedf|e2dc Bcd2|edBd AB c2|d6|| =c2|AGFE D2D2|+slide+f3g f2a2-|abag e(c d2)|f3g fedB| AGFE D2D2|+slide+f3g feBc|edBc A2Bc|d6(3dcB| A(GF)G A2d2|f3g f2a2-|abag e(c d2)|f3g fedB| AG F2Ac|d2 f3d BABc|edBc A2Bc|d6 ||

SARO. AKA and see "Cairo/Caro in the Cabbage Patch," "Cow in the Cabbage Patch," "Julie Girl." Old Time, Breakdown. USA; West Virginia, eastern Tennessee, Virginia. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Recorded in 1928 for Brunswick/Vocalion by West Virginiastring band duo the Cumberland Mountain Entertainers (Sam Caplinger & fiddler Andy Patterson {1893 1950}). Later the duo moved to Akron, Ohio, and formed the Dixie Harmonizers, who recorded for Gennett. Tom Carter and Barry Poss (1976) remark that the tune is common in the Patrick County, southwestern Virginia, area both as a dance or 'band' tune, and a song (with many verses).

Saro, Saro, come lay your hand in mine,
Treat you like a lady just long as the sun does shine.
Ya hadn't been gonna marry me, ya ought't told me so,
I could have been a married man, forty years ago.
Went to see my gal one day, what'd ya reckon she done,
Stole her arm around my neck, thought my time had come.
Went to see my gal one day, where'd ya reckon I found her,
Found her in a buckleberry patch, forty men around her.
Went to see my gal one day, she met me at the door,
Shoes and Stockings in her hand, feet all over the floor.
Once I was a little boy, all I want's a knife,
Now I am a great big boy, all I want's a wife.
Used to be a little boy, tot my momma's switches,
Now I am a great big boy, wear my daddy's britches.
High jack, low jack, tray (?) can't be low
Before I play an unfair game, take my money and go. .... .... (Tom Carter & Blanton Owen from Calvin Pendleton)

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - Dudley Spangler [Phillips].

Printed sources : - Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 1), 1994; p. 215.

Recorded sources: -Broadway 8159, The Blue Ridge Highballers "Julie Girl." County 201, The Old Virginia Fiddlers "Rare Recordings 1948 49." County 405, The Hillbillies "Soldier's Joy Medley." County 531, Caplinger's Cumberland Mountain Entertainers (Roane County, Tenn.) "Old Time String Band Classics, 1927 1933" (1975). Rounder 0057, Calvin Pendleton (Patrick County, Va.) "Old Originals, vol. 1" (1978).

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