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X: 1 T: Scarlet Clog R: hornpipe M: 4/4 L: 1/8 F: K: Fdor (3BAB|:c>B G>E B,>EF>G | A/D/ F3-F2 B<df | a>gf>e d>cB>A | G/B/ e4 B (3BAB | c>BG>E B,>ED>E | F>DF>B d>f (3bag | f>g (3fdB F>G (3FDB, |1 A,2F>A, B,>B (3BAB :|2 A,2F>A, A, B<df/|| |: a>B (3B=AB f>dB>_A | G>Be>c B>G E2 | D>FB>A G>Be>g | (3fgf (3edc B2 (3BAB | a>B (3B=AB f>dB>_A | G>Be>d c>BA>G | F>ED>C B,>AG>F |1 E2G2 EB<df/:|2 E2G2E2 ||

Tom Doucet
SCARLET CLOG, THE. AKA - “Tom's E-Flat Clog," "Tommy's E Flat Clog.” Canadian, Clog (cut time). Canada, Nova Scotia. E Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune was recorded as “Tommy’s E Flat Clog” by the Irish group Moving Clouds, who learned it from Nova Scotia fiddler Tom Doucet's 1975 recording "The Down East Star." While Doucet claimed the composition as his own, it is said that Cape Breton fiddler Dave MacIsaac has found a similar melody in an old Cape Breton manuscript. Doucet emigrated to the Boston area where he became very active in the club and dance hall music scene in the 1920s and 1930s. His repertoire included jigs, reels, foxtrots and 'hot' tunes as well as clogs and hornpipes.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Winston Fitzgerald (1914-1987, Cape Breton) who may have learned the tune from Tommy Doucet (1902 – c. 1992, Concession, Digby County, Nova Scotia, and Boston) [Cranford].

Printed sources : - Cranford (Winston Fitzgerald), 1997; No. 38, p. 14.

Recorded sources : - Fiddler Records FRLP-001, Tom Doucet - "The Down East Star" (1975. Appears as "Tom's E-Flat Clog", paired with "Banks Hornpipe (1)"). Green Linnet Records GLCD 1150,, "Moving Cloud" (1995, appears as "Tommy's E Flat Clog"). Greentrax Records, The Occasionals - "Back in Step: The Complete Scottish Ceilidh Dance vol. 2" (1996). Joe and J.P. Cormier - "Velvet Arm, Golden Hand."

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