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X:1 T:Schottisch T:Schottische [11] C: N:From the Haynes Family Manuscript Z:V.T. Williams M:C| K:D "D"F3/G/A3/B/A2f2|"A7"g2g2c3B|B2A2A^GA2|"D"B2A2A^GA2| F3/G/A3/B/A2f2|"A7"g2g2c3B|Acegb2c2|"D"d2d2d2z2:| K:A "A"ec'c'2ec'c'2|"D"d'3ff4|"E7"b3/a/g3/f/e2^de|"B7"c'2b2"E"e4| "A"ec'c'2ec'c'2|"D"d'2f2f4|"E7"b3/a/g3/f/ e/d'3/f3/g/|"A"a2a2a2z2|| K:D "D"F3/G/A3/B/A2f2|"A7"g2g2c3B|B2A2A^GA2|"D"B2A2A^GA2| F3/G/A3/B/A2f2|"A7"g2g2c3B|Acegb2c2|"D"d2d2d2z2|| K:G |:"G"b2d2b3c'|"Am"b2a2e4|"D7"a2c2a3b|"G"a2g2d4| "G"b2d2b3c'|"Am"b2a2e4|"D7"d3/e/f3/g/a2b2|"G"g2g2g2z2:|

SCHOTTISCHE. AKA - "Schottische (11)." USA, Western/Pacific. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). In the source manuscript, this tune was merely labelled "Schottische."

The Haynes family manuscript of sixty-five dance tunes was handed down through several generations of the Haynes, Shuck, and Adams families who came West over the Oregon Trail from Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa and Missouri between 1847 and 1853. They settled on Chehalem Mountain, near Newberg, Yamhill County, in the Willamette Valley of western Oregon, where they raised grain, strawberries and raspberries, orchard fruit and other crops. Several members of the family worked at a local grain mill, and others were carpenters.Many of the family members were musical, and over the years several people contributed tunes to the manuscript. Although it might have originated in Iowa or Missouri, the manuscript was most likely begun in Oregon. It may have been started by Martin Shuck (1806 - 1896), who was born in Kentucky, and was a fiddler and a well-educated man. Or it could have come from his daughter Margaret Lucretia Shuck (b. ca. 1844), or from her husband James Haynes. Their son Thomas Martin Haynes (1879 - 1926) was a carpenter, a banjo and guitar player, and a dance fiddler, and he played from the manuscript. He was the grandfather of the current owner of the manuscript, Marilyn Shollenberger, former owner of Marilyn’s Music Plus in Baker City, Oregon.

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Printed sources : - Williams (Haynes Family Manuscript), 2010 p. 44

Recorded sources : - Voyager 375, Vivian and Phil Williams, Terry Wergeland - "Tunes from the Haynes Family Manuscript" (2011).

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