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X:1 T:Scot of Yarrow, The M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Slow" B:Oswald – Caledonian Pocket Companion, Book 7 (1760, pp. 27-29) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D D>EDF|(D/F/)(E/F/) (D/E/)(F/G/)|AD (B/A/)(G/A/)|TF2 T(E>d)| E>FDF|(E/D/)(E/F/) E(g/f/)|eE (g/f/)(e/d/)|TB2 {Bc}d2| D>EDF|(D/F/)(E/F/) (D/E/)(F/G/)|Ad (c/B/)(A/G/)|F2 T(ED)| Gg G(F/E/)|Ff F(E/D/)|EE (g/f/)(e/d/)|TB2 {Bc}d2:| |:d/g/f/e/ dD|d/g/f/e/ dA|(d/c/)(B/A/) (B/c/)(d/A/)|F2 (ED)| eE e/a/g/f/|eE e/a/g/f/|(b/a/)(g/f/) (g/f/)(e/d/)|TB2 {Bc}d2| .d/(g/f/e/) dD|.d/(g/f/e/) dD|(d/c/)(B/A/) (B/c/)(d/A/)|F2 (ED)| (G/E/)(G/B/) (G/E/)(G/B/)|(F/D/)(F/A/) (F/D/)(F/A/)|(E/F/)(G/E/) (g/f/)(e/d/)|B2 {bc}d2:| |:d/A/F/D/ A/D/F/D/|d/D/F/D/ A/D/F/D/|(d/c/)(d/c/) (d/A/)(B/G/)|TF2 (ED)| e e2 (g/f/)|e/E/G/E/ B/E/G/E/|b>a (g/f/)(e/d/)|B2 {Bc}d2| (D/F/)A/F/ (D/F/)(d/F/)|(D/F/)(A/F/) (D/F/)(d/F/)|(D/E/)(F/G/) (A/F/)(d/A/)|F2 (G/F/)(E/D/)| G G2 (A/B/)|A F2 (A/F/)|EE (g/f/)(e/d/)|TB2 {Bc}d2:| |:(f/g/)(a/f/) d/f/A/f/|d/f/A/f/ d/f/A/f/|a/g/f/e/ d/A/B/d/|TF2 (ED)| (e/g/b/)e/ e/B/G/E/|(e/g/b/)g/ e/B/G/E/|(b/a/)(g/f/) (g/f/)(e/d/)|B2 {Bc}d2| (f/g/a/)f/ d/f/A/f/|d/f/A/f/ d/f/A/f/|(a/g/)(f/e/) d/A/B/G/|{G}F2 (ED)| GbFa|EgDf|Aa (g/f/)(e/d/)|TB2d2:|]

SCOT OF YARROW, THE. Scottish, Air (2/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDD. Yarrow [1] is a place and parish in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland and in the former county of Selkirkshire. The name “yarrow” is said to have originated from Scots Gaelic, where it means “ rough stream”.

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