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X: 1 T: Right Scotch Contention T: the Duke of Athol's Rant %R: strathspey B: "Caledonian Country Dances" printed by John Walsh for John Johnson, London S: 1: CCDTB p.100 S: Z: 2013 John Chambers <> N: The 1st 2 beats of bar 5 are mostly illegible; copied from bar 7. N: The bass line has A rather than B in the last bar, clearly a typo (also fixed in N: Repeats added to satisfy the "Each Strain twice" instruction. M: C| L: 1/16 K: Em V: 1 |: E3EE3E G3AB3G | c2A2B2G2 c2A2B2G2 | E3EE3E G3AB3G | c2A2B2G2 E4e4  :| |: g3ag3e dcBA G2B2 | cBcA e2A2 cBcA e2A2 | g3ag3e dcBA G2B2 | c2A2B2G2 E4e4 :| V: 2 clef=bass middle=d |: e8 e2f2g2e2 | a4g4 a4e4 | z4e4 z2f2 g2e2 | A2c2B4 e8 :| |: z4e4 f4g4 | a4z4 a4z4 | z4e4 f4g2G2 | A2c2B4 e8 :|

SCOTCH CONTENTION [2]. English, Country Dance (cut time). The tune was printed by London publisher John Walsh in one of his several editions of Caledonian Country Dances (c. 1730, p. 100). It may be associated with a stage entre-act performance called "The Dutch and Scotch Contention; or, Love and Jealousy," which features a Highland couple. It dates to 1729 and was performed in Paris as well as London. A version identical to that found in Walsh's publication was entered into the 1736 music manuscript book of John and Mary Thurston, Kington, near Thornubury, Gloucestershire [1]. The tune was also entered into the 1747 commonplace book of Walter Rainstorp, Cheapside, London.

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Printed sources : - Wilson (Companion to the Ball Room), 1816; p. 45.

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