Scotch Fusileers' March

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X:1 T:Scotch Fuzilleer's March M:C| L:1/8 R:March B:Davie's Caledonian Repository, vol. 2 (1829, p. 68) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:F c2|f2 e>d c>BA>G|~F2 A>F ~G2 B>G|A>cd>c B>AG>F|E2 C>C C2c2| f2 e>d c>BA>G|~F2 A>F ~G2 B>G|Af/a/ (g/f/).e/.d/ c2TB2|c2 c>c c2:| |:A>B|c>ASf>c a>fc>A|B>Ge>B g>ec>B|A>cf>e d>cB>A|G>FE>D C2c2| f2 e>d c>BA>G|~F2 A>F ~G2 B>G|(3ABc (3def A2 TG2{FG}|F2 F>F F2:| |:c2|f2 f>e f2Tg2{fg}|a2 a>a a2 b2{ab}|c'2 a>f .a.g.f.e|f2f>f f2:| |:e>f|g>ec>e g>ec>f|a>fc>f a>fc>a|b>ga>f g>ef>d|e2 (g/f/).e/.d/ .c.B.A.G| [A,2F2][A,F]>[A,F] [A,2F2][C2G2]|[F2A2][FA]>[FA] [F2A2][G2B2]|(c/d/).e/.f/ (e/d/).c/.B/ [F2A2] T[C2G2]{FG}|[F2A2][FA]>[FA] [F2A2]||

SCOTCH FUSILEERS' MARCH. AKA and see "Grand Spy (3)." Scottish, March (whole time). F Major (Davies): G Major (Howe). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Howe): AABBCCDD (Davies). The Scots Fusileers (or Fusiliers) were a regiment raised in 1678 during the Covenanting troubles in Scotland by the Earl of Mar. The regiment saw action throughout the 18thcentury, including at the Battle of Culloden, where they contributed to the defeat of the Highland forces of Bonny Prince Charlie Stuart. The march was published in the early 19th century in James Davie's Caledonian Repository, vol. 2 (1829, p. 68), and was later published in several mid-19th century issues from Boston music publisher Elias Howe.

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Printed sources : - James Davies (Davie's Caledonian Repository), 1829; p. 68. Howe (1000 Jigs and Reels), c. 1867; p. 134. Howe (Quadruple Musician's Omnibus), 1869.

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