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X:1 T:Favorite Scotch March T:Scotch March [3] M:C L:1/8 R:March B:Elias Howe – Second Part of the Musician’s Companion (1843, p. 18) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:F V:1 C2|F3A c>A f>d|c3A c>A f>d|c>d f>g a2 g>f|d2 d>d cBAG| F3A c>A f>d|c3A c>A f>d|c>a g>f d>c d>e|f2 f>f f2:| |:f>g|f>a gf d3e|f>e f>g f>a F>G|A<c a>g fdcA|G2 G>G G2 c/B/A/G/| F3A c>A f>d|c3A c>c f>d|c>a g>f d>c d>e|f2 f>f f2!fine!:| F>G|A2 B>c d2 f>d|c>A G>B A2 A>G|F2 F>G A2 c>A|G>F G>A G2 G>B| c>f a>g f2 A>B|c>f a>g f2 g>a|b>g a>f c>a g>f|g2 g>g g2:| |:b>c'|b.a.g.f. f.e.d.c|cdfc d2 c'>c'|c'2 b/a/g/f/ aac'a|g>f g>a g2 FG| A2 A>B c2 f>d|c>A G>B A2 A>B|c/d/e/f/ e/f/g/a/ g/e/f/d/ c/A/B/G/|F2 f>f f2!D.C.!:|] V:2 z2|C3F A>F d>B|A3F A>F d>B|A>B A>B c2 B>A|B2 B>B AGFE| C3F A>F d>B|A3F A>F d>B|A>f B>A B>A G>B|A2 A>A A2:| |:A>B|A>c BA B3G|A>G A>B A>c C>E|F<A f>e dBAF|E2 E>E E2 z2| C3F A>F d>B|A3F A>A d>B|A>f e>d B>A B>c|A2 A>A A2:|] z2|F2 G>A B2 d>B|A>F E>G F2 F>E|D2 D>E F2 A>F|E>D E>F E2 E>G| A>c f>e c2 F>G|A>c f>e d2 e>f|g>e f>d A>f e>d|[c2e2][ce]>[ce] [c2e2]:| g>a|gfed dcBA|ABdA B2 a>a|a2 a/f/e/d/ ffaf|e>d e>f e2 CE| F2 F>G A2 d>B|A>F E>G F2 F>G|A/B/c/d/ c/d/e/f/ e/c/d/B/ A/F/G/E/|[F2A2]A>A A2!D.C.!:|]

SCOTCH MARCH [3]. AKA - "Brooks' favorite Scotch March," "Favorite Scotch March," "Governor Brooks' Favorite Scotch March," "Lord Loughlinbar's March." Scottish, March (whole time). F Major (Howe): D Major (Manson). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCDCD (Manson): AABBCCDDAABB (Howe). The tune was entered into the c. 1801 music manuscript collection of Massachusetts flute player John Beach nearly identical to that later printed by Elias Howe, albeit under the title "Brooks' favorite Scotch March" (p. 88).

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Printed sources : - Elias Howe (Second Part of the Musician’s Companion), 1843; p. 18. Manson (Hamilton’s Universal Tune Book vol. 1), 1854; p. 142.

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