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X:1 T:Scotch Sally M:C| L:1/8 B:Roche - Collection of Traditional Irish Music, vol. 1 (1912, No. 175) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Ddor (A>D) (3DDD (Ad)-dc|(Ac)GE {G}(ED)EG|(A>D) (3DDD (Ad-)dc|(AcG)E {G}ED D2:| (eg)(a{b}a) (e>d) (3ddd|(ea-a)b age>g|(g2 {age}ga) g2 ed|eage d2d2| (eg)(g{b}a) (g>e) (3ddd|eaab age>g|(3gag 93ege (3ded (c>A)|GEc>E {G}(ED) D2||

SCOTCH SALLY. Irish, Reel (cut time). D Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB.

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Printed sources : - Roche (Collection of Traditional Irish Music vol. 1), 1912; No. 175, p. 68.

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