Annotation:Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr. MacDonald

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X:1 T:Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr. MacDonald M:C L:1/8 R:March N:”light bowing” directed for variations B:Skinner – The Scottish Violinist Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:A E | {G}A2 a>f e/d/c/B/ A.B/.c/ | .d.f (ea) {c/d/}(cB) (Bc) | (de/f/) (ef/g/) .a.e.c.A | d/B/e/D/ c/A/B/G/ (EA) A :| g | {g}a2 ef/g/ .a.e.c.A | (df) (ea) {c/d/}(cB) (Bg) | {g}a2 ef/g/ a.e .c.A | d/B/e/d/ c/A/B/G/ .E(.A.A).e | ag/f/ ef/g/ {g}.a.e.c.A | (df) (ea) {c/d/}cB B2 | AB/c/ de/f/ ef/g/ ae/c/ | d/B/e/d/ c/A/B/G/ (EA) A || P:“variations” E | .A/.B/.c/.d/ .e/.f/.g/.a/ .e/.c/.B/.A/ .G/.A/.B/.c/ | {e}d/c/d/f/ e/A/a/e/ {c/d/}(cB) (Bc) | d/c/d/f/ ^d/e/f/g/ a/g/f/e/ =d/c/B/A/ | d/B/e/d/ c/A/B/G/ (EA) A :| e | a/g/f/e/ ^d/e/f/g/ .a.e.c.A | d/e/f/d/ e/f/g/a/ {c/d/}(cB) (Be) | a/g/f/e/ ^d/e/f/g/ a/e/c/a/ e/c/A/c/ | d/B/e/d/ c/A/B/G/ E(AA) (3e/f/g/ | a/g/f/e/ ^d/e/f/g/ .a.e.c.A | d/e/f/d/ e/f/g/a/ {c/d/}(cB) (Bc) | A/c/B/d/ c/e/d/f/ e/f/g/a/ e/c/B/A/ | d/B/e/d/ c/A/B/G/ (EA) A :|]

SCOTT SKINNER'S COMPLIMENTS TO DR. MACDONALD. Scottish, Marching Air (4/4 time). A Major. Standard tuning. AAB (Martin, Skinner): AABCCD (Hunter). Composed by biography:J. Scott Skinner in honor of Dr. Keith Norman McDonald (1834-1913) of Ord in Skye, an excellent musician and violinist, and a physician who practiced in Skye, Lochaber, Edinburgh and Burma. McDonald edited both the Skye Collection of Reels and Strathspeys (1887) and the Gesto Collection of Highland Music (1895). Skinner published the tune twice: it appears in his Logie Collection (1888, p. 66) and, in a different version, in his Scottish Violinist (1900, p. 31). The march has become quite popular, according to Christine Martin (2002).

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Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Hunter (Fiddle Music of Scotland), 1988; No. 345. Martin (Traditional Scottish Fiddling), 2002; p. 117 (includes variations). Skinner (The Scottish Violinist), 1900; p. 31 (with variation).

Recorded sources: -Olympic 6151, Angus Cameron "Scottish Traditional Fiddle Music" (1978). Temple Records COMD2034, Battlefield Band – “Home Ground” (1989).

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