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SCOTTDALE STOMP. Old-Time. The tune was recorded in Atlanta by the Scottdale String Band, named in honor of the mill village of Scottdale, near Atlanta, and home to the band members [1]. Their first recording was made for the OKeh studios on October 28, 1926, and between that date and 1932 the group recorded nearly thirty sides (all but two—released by Paramount—for OKeh). Bill Rattray wrote about the group in Old Time Music magazine (“Scottdale Boys,” OTM, Summer, 1971) and said the group’s records sold “well, or at least fairly well,” and that “their instrumentation was profoundly different from that of the other, more well-known Georgia bands like the Skillet-Lickers, and gave their music a more sophisticated sound that that of the ‘rough North Georgia’ school.” The group’s repertoire varied more than usual for string bands from the region, and included “a wider range of material including tunes used chiefly by the jazz bands…the more traditional breakdowns, songs and ballads are hardly featured at all.” [quoted by Daniel].

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Recorded sources: - Arhoolie Records 7054, Scottsdale String Band - "Old Folks better go to Bed" (2014). OKeh 45173 (78 RPM), Scottdale String Band (1928).

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  1. Wayne W. Daniel, Pickin’ on Peachtree, 1990