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X:1 T:Sean McGlynn's Mazurka C:Eugene O'Donnell S:M. Moloney / E. O'Donnell: "Uncommon Bonds" R:Mazurka P:ABCD ABCD A N:Finish with part A M:3/4 L:1/8 K:D P:A AB AF DF|(3ABA FA dB|AB AF DF|E4 (3EFG| AB AF DF|(3ABA FA dB|AF DF A,E|D3 EFG|| AB AF DF|(3ABA FA (d2|d)B AF DF|E4 (3EFG| AB AF DF |(3ABA FA dB|AF DF A,E|D4 {^g}ag P:B ||:fd Ad fa| g2 {a}(3gfg ag|(3fdA Fd gf|+c3e3+ A ag| fd AF D=C|B,D GB dg|(3fga Ac ec|1 d4 ag:||2 d4 (3abc' P:C ||:d'f ad fa|g2 g2 ag|(3fdf ad' af|e4 (3abc'| d'f ad fA|(3Bdg b2 ag|(3fad' Ag ec|1d4 (3abc':||2 d2 cB AG P:D ||: (F2 F)G AB | Ad cd ef|ge c2 (3cde |df (A2 A)=c| BA GA (3Bcd)|AG FA de|fd Bg ed |(3cdc (3BcB AG| (F2 F)G AB | Ad cd ef|ge c2 (3cde |df (A2 A)=c| BA GA (3Bcd)|FA de (3fga|gb Bd ce|1d2 cB AG:||2d2 d'2 z2||

SEAN McGLYNN’S MAZURKA. Irish, Mazurka (3/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA’BBCCDD. Composed by Derry fiddler Eugene O’Donnell for his friend the locally influential New York accordion player Sean McGlynn, originally from Tynagh, Co. Galway. McGlynn was a master of the east Galway style of playing. Before emigrating to the United States, Sean had played with the Leitrim, Killimor and Ballinakill Ceili Bands, all famous traditional dance bands in Ireland at that time. When he emigrated to the United States in 1959 he settled in Boston and was a founding member of the New State Ceilidh's Band (with other Irish immigrants: Mike McHale (Longford-flute), Eamon Flynn (Abbeyfeale-fiddle), George Stanley (Balinasloe-drums), Des Regan (Moycullen-accordian), Frank Neylon (Claire-flute), and Paddy Cronin (Kerry-fiddle). Later McGlynn moved to Queens and then Mineola, Long Island. O'Donnell was with McGlynn in 1983 on the night of his tragic death.
Sean McGlynn

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