She Favorite (The)

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X:1 T:She Favorite, The C:Nathaniel Kynaston (1683-1757) M:3/2 L:1/8 K:Amin c2A4 c2B2A2|^G2E4 B2A2G2|c2e2 BdBd A2c2| B2c2 dcBA ^G2 B2|c2A4 c2B2A2|^G2B4 d2c2B2| ceac dfgB AefA|^G2E4 G2A4::e2c4 d2 ef g2| g2 ag fedc Bc d2|e2BG2F2d2E2c2|D2c2c3Bc3d| edce dcBd cBAc|B2^F2^G2A2 GBcd|e2E2d2D2 c2C2|B2 B,2A,2 ^G2 A4:|]

SHE FAVORITE, THE. English, Triple Hornpipe and Country Dance Tune (3/2 time). A Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The melody was composed by dancing master Nathaniel Kynaston (1683-1757). Although very little is known about him, Kynaston appears to have been active from 1705 to about 1722 in the Shropshire/Wales border area. Walsh published some 120 of Kynaston’s tunes and dances over several publications; "The She Favorite" appears in a 1711 collection. The Selattyn parish register in Shropshire records that a “Nathanial Kynaston, gent., & Mrs. Elizabeth Davies, both of Oswestry” married on August 25th, 1719—although whether this was the dancing master is unknown. Kynaston appears to have been a not uncommon name in Shropshire, and the family includes Sir Humphrey Kynaston, a notorious 16th century highwayman and Robin Hood figure, who preyed on the wool merchants of Shrewsbury.

Additional notes

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Recorded sources: -Wild Goose Records ‎– WGS 314CD, Belshazzar’s Feast – “Mr. Kynasgton’s Famous Dance” (2002). Persons of Quality – “Next of Kynaston.”

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