Annotation:She griped at the greatest on't

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X:1 T: She griped at ye greatest on't M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Dance Tune B:James Oswald - Caledonian Pocket Companion, Book 4 (1760, p. 5) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G (DE)|G4G3B| dBGB dBGB|A4 A3g|edeg edeg| G4 G3B|dBGB d3B|A3B GABA|{A}G2E2E2:| |:(dc)|B2G4 (dc)|TB2 (AG) G2 (ed)|Tc2A4 (ed)|Tc2 (BA) A2 (dc)| B2G2d2G2|g2G2 d3B|(AG)(AB) dBAB|{A}G2E2E2:| |:(Bc)|dBG2 dBGg|dB G2 dBGB|ecA2 ecAa|ecA2 ecAc| dBGg dBGB|dBge {e}Td3B|ABge dBAB|{A}G2E2E2:| |:(ef)|gdBd GgBg|GgBg GgBg|aece Aece|Aece Aece| gdBg GgBg|GBge {e}d3B|ABge dBAB|{A}G2E2E2:| |:(DE)|GdTB2 GdBg|GBdB gdBG|Aec2 Aeca|Acec aecA| GdTB2 GdTB2|GBgB GBdB|Agfe dBAB|{A}G2E2E2:| |:(dc)|BGBd G2g2|dBcA G3e|cAce A2a2|cAec A3d| B2 (BG) d2 (dB)|g2 gd b3a|gedB AGAB|{A}G2E2E2:|]

SHE GRIPPED AT THE GREATEST ON'T. AKA and see "East Neuk of Fife." Scottish, Air (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed by James Oswald (1711 69), but, with slight alterations, better known and still popular today as East Neuk of Fife <div class="mw-ext-score" data-midi="/w/images/lilypond/c/a/cahmxcvrv1o2uahm3r6dehjxvzi12xy/cahmxcvr.midi"><img src="/w/images/lilypond/c/a/cahmxcvrv1o2uahm3r6dehjxvzi12xy/cahmxcvr.png" width="574" height="64" alt=" X:1 M:C| L:1/8 K:G D2 | G4G2 Bc | dBGB dBGB | TA4A2(gf) |Te3d (ef g2) | "/></div>; that title appeared with the tune soon after Oswald's publication in William McGibbon's Scots Tunes, book III (1762, p. 89). Oswald was an expatriate Scotsman living in London who published several important collections of airs, this tune appearing in one of the fifteen volume c. 1747-69 Caledonian Pocket Companion (vol. iii, no. 116; vol. iv, p. 5).

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Printed sources : - Alburger (Scottish Fiddlers and Their Music), 1983; Ex. 26, p. 47.

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