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X: 1 T:Perth Waltz,The T:Sheguiandah Bay M:3/4 L:1/8 C:Don Pettigrew R:Waltz F: K:D |:(3ABc|"D"d3AF2|F3ED2|"G"B,3A,G,2|"D"A,4 D>E| F3ED2|d3AF2|"E7"E6|"A7"E4 (3ABc|"D"d3AF2| F3ED2|"G"B,3A,G,2|"D"A,4 D>E|F3Ad2|"A7"FG3E2|"D"D6|D4:||:F>G| "D"A3df2|a3fd2|"G"d3BG2|"D"A4F>G|A3df2|a3fd2| "E7"e6|"A7"e4F>B|"D"A3df2|a3fd2|"G"d3BG2|"D"A4d>e|fa3f2| "A7"g3ec2|"D"d6|d4:|

SHEGUIANDAH BAY. AKA and see “Perth Waltz.” Canadian, Waltz. Canada, Ontario. Composed by fiddler and Ontario Provincial Police Officer Don Pettigrew, who used to compete in the Perth, Ontario, fiddle contest (hence the alternate title). It is often locally paired with another of Pettrigrew’s waltzes, “Wilhemine's Rose.”

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