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X:1 T:Sherman's Retreat S:John W. "Dick" Summers (1887-1976, Marion, Indiana) M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Waltz D:Folkways FW03809, John Summers - Fine Times at Our House (1964) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C G2|e2 ee e2|(ed) c2+slide+[e2e2]|[ee]-[de] c2 (d/c/A)|G2 GA GE|[C2E2]E2G2| [B2g2][B2.a2] ([B/g/]a/g/f/)|[B2g2][B2g2] [B2g2]|b2 bb b-a|g2e2G2| +slide+[e2e2] ee e2|(d/e/d) c2 e2| (d/e/d)c2 (c/B/A)| G2 GA GE|C2 E2G2| (e/f/g){^f}g4|b2a2 (Bd)|d2 c2 (d/c/B)| [E4c4]|| G2|+slide+[e2e2] ee e2|(d/e/d) c2 e2| (d/e/d)c2 (c/B/A)| G2 GA GE|C2 E2G2| [G,2D2][B2g2][B2g2]| [G,2D2][B2g2][B2g2] |[B2b2][Bb][Bb] [Bb]a|g2 e2c2| +slide+[e2e2] ee e2|(d/e/d)c2 e2| (d/e/d)c2 (c/B/A)| G2 GA GE|C2 E2G2| {e^f}g4 ^fg|b2a2Bc|d2c2[E2c2]|[E4c4]|| |:[A2A2]|[A2A2][G2A2][E2A2]|[A2A2][G2A2][E2A2]| [A2A2][AA][AA] [AA][GA]|[E2A2]G2c2| +slide+[e2e2][ee][ee] ((3d/e/d/[ce])|+slide+[e2e2][ee][ee] ((3d/e/d/[ce])| d2aa ab|(a/b/a) g2B2|c2e2E2| [A2A2][G2A2][E2A2]| [A2A2][G2A2]([EA]-[FA]-| [A2A2])AB AG|[G,2E2]G2c2| [D2d2] aa ab|a2g2B2|[E3c3][EB] [Ec][Ec]| [E4c4]:| [G,2G2]|{^f}g3 ^f- ga|g2e2[c2e2]|+slide+[e3e3][ee] [ee][eg]|e2d2c2| (B-d-d) d- de|d2 A2B2|c2a2 (g/a/g)|e2G2c2| {^f}g3 ^f- ga|g2e2[c2e2]|+slide+[e3e3][ee] [ee][ee]|e2d2c2| (B-d-d) d- de|d2 A2B2|c2a2 ge|[E4c4]|| |:G2|{e}g4ge|G2a2 g2|[e4g4]ge|c2a2g2| [c4f4](A/B/A)|G2c2e2|g4 ge|c2a2g2| [c3e3] {c}([de][ee][de])|[c2e2]G2AB|[E3c3]([EB]- [Ec]-[Ed])|[E4c4]:||

SHERMAN'S RETREAT. American; Air, Waltz or Retreat March (?) (3/4 time). USA, Indiana. C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC'CCBB. The origins of "Sherman's March" are unclear, but may not represent a historical figure; although there is a slight chance the tune could be based on a military Retreat March, which are often in 3/4 time. It is an unusual three or four part waltz that is rather more complicated and finely structured than many of the old-time waltzes played and recorded in the 20th century.
John W. "Dick" Summers

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - John W. "Dick" Summers (1887-1976, Marion, Indiana) [Phillips].

Printed sources : -

Recorded sources: -Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 2), 1995; p. 308.

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