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X:1 T: Shiftin Bobbins R: reel, polka C: Muriel Rimmer B: "3 Ormskirk Scottish Dances Book 6" B: The Kinpurnie Collection, Sidlaw Music, in A Z: 1997 by John Chambers < > M: C| L: 1/8 K: G || "G"^cddd e2d2 | ^c2d2 B2G2 | DDDD G2B2 | "Am"B2c2 c4 | "D7"^cddd e2d2 | f2e2 d2e2 | fedc B2A2 | "G"G2E2 "D7"D4 | | "G"^cddd e2d2 | ^c2d2 B2G2 | DDDD G2B2 | "Am"B2c2 c4 | "D7"Bccc ^G2A2 | ^E2F2 ^C2D2 | DEFG B2A2 | "G"G8 |] [| "G"DDDD E2D2 | ^C2D2 E2D2 | DDDD G2B2 | "Am"^G2A2 A4 | "D7"FFFF G2F2 | ^E2F2 ^C2D2 | F3E D2^C2 | "G"E2D2 B,4 | | "G"DDDD E2D2 | ^C2D2 E2D2 | DDDD G2B2 | "Am"^G2A2 A4 | "D"Bccc ^G2A2 | ^E2F2 ^C2D2 | DEFG B2A2 | "G"G8 |]

SHIFTIN' BOBBINS. Scottish, Reel or Polka (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Composed by dance choreographer and composer Muriel Rimmer. On the surface, the title refers to spinning or weaving, perhaps associated with Lancashire cotton mills, where children were at one time employed to serve the machinery. A bobbin is a spindle or cylinder on which yarn or thread is wound, providing storage for the yarn or thread. The title also is representative of the movements of the accompanying Scottish Country Dance.

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