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X:1 T:Shoe the Donkey [1] M:3/4 L:1/4 Q:"Gaily" K:G Major B3/4c/4|BDB3/4c/4|BDB3/4c/4|ded| A2A3/4B/4|ADA3/4B/4|ADA/B/|ced|G2:| |:B/c/|dgf|A2A3/4B/4|ced|B2B3/4c/4| BAB|c2A3/4B/4|ced|G2:| P:"Trio, Tempo di Redowa" B/c/|(dB)d|(g2d)|(fe)c|(A2G)|(FA)c|(f2e)|(e/d/)^c/d/e/d/| B2(B/c/)|(dB)d|(g2d)|(fe)c|(A2G)|(FA)c|f2e|(e/d/)c/A/F/D/|G2||

SHOE THE DONKEY [1]. Irish; Varsovienne, Mazurka (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBC. A version of "Varsovienne (1) (The)" recorded on the Topic album 12T367, "John McGettigan"-- a reissue of late 1920's recording by McGettigan, a Donegal native transplanted to Philadelphia, Pa. Other Donegal versions can be found in the repertory of Pat Kelly of Bundoran and of Danny Meehan and his sister, Roseabelle. See "Shoe the Donkey (3) for yet another Donegal version.

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