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X:1 T:Shoemaker [2], The L:1/8 M:2/4 S:Bruce & Stokoe – Northumbrian Minstelsy Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Bb F||FB ce|dB cF|FB cd|B>c BF/F/| FB ce|dB cd/e/|f>d e>c|B2 AF|| A2 AG/F/|GG GF/G/|_AA AG|Bc BG/G/| _AA AG/F/|GG GF/G/|FB ce|B2 AF||

SHOEMAKER [2], THE. English, Air (2/4 time). England, Northumberland. F Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The song relates a wife's lament at the choice of a husband:

My mother sent me to the school,
To learn to be a stocking knitter,
But I went wrang and play'd the fule,
And married with a shoemaker.
Shoemaker, leather cracker,[1]
With all his stinking, dirty water,
I wish a thousand deaths I'd died
Ere I had wed a shoemaker. ..... [Bruce & Stokoe]

The song was also printed in William Gillies Whittaker's North Countrie Songs (1921).

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - The John Bell song and poetry manuscript [Bruce & Stokoe]. Bell (1783-1864) compiled some 352 songs in his c. 1810 Northumbrian collection, later added to by others.

Printed sources : - Bruce & Stokoe (Northumbrian Minstrelsy), 1882; pp. 96-97.

Recorded sources: -

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  1. Fr. John Quinn points out the rhyming spelling of this line, "Shoemakker", to rhyme with "leather cracker."