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X:1 T:Shoes and Stockings N:From the playing of Henry Reel (1884-1968, N:Glen Lyn, Giles County, southwest Virginia), N:recorded in the field by Alan Jabbour, 1967 M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:Library of Congress AFS 13705 B25, Henry Reed, 1967 D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G ((3DEF|"*"G2)G2 B2B2|cBcc d2((3DEF|G2)G2B2B2|c2A2 AFAF| G3G B2B2|cBcc d2d2-|"**"d2B2 c2 A2|G3G G2:|| |:(ef|g2)g2 a2ga|b2b2 d4|"$"c2c2B2B2|cBcc d2(ef| g2)g2 a2a2|b2b2d4|c2 dc BAGB|AGFA G2:| P:Substitutions "*"((3DEF|G4)B3B|cBcc d2 DEF ||"**"dedB cBA2|| "$"c2dc BAB2|c2ec d2ef||

SHOES AND STOCKINGS. American, Reel (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Silberberg): AABB (Songer). Folklorist Alan Jabbour recorded that his source, Glen Lyn, southwest Virginia fiddler biography:Henry Reed (1884-1968) said that "Shoes and Stockings" was a tune of his elderly mentor, fiddler Quince Dillion, who had been a fifer in the Civil War. Jabbour notes the similarity of the title with the song "His Old Shoes and His Leggings," saying "some Southern versions of which resemble this tune, but no clear correlation can be made." This tune bears some resemblance to another tune in Henry Reed's repertory "Jawbones" (AKA "Jordan Is a Hard Road to Travel"). "Shoes and Stockings" had some popularity for a time among 'revival' fiddlers after Jabbour/Bradley/Levy's influential album "Sandy's Fancy" (1981).

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - Bruce Reid [Silberberg]; Alan Garren [Songer].

Printed sources : - Silberberg (Tunes I Learned at Tractor Tavern), 2002; p. 143. Songer (Portland Collection), 1997; p. 184.

Recorded sources: Flying Fish FF 260, Jabbour, Bradley and Thompson - "Sandy's Fancy" (1981). -CD, Alan Jabbour, James Reed, Bertram Levy – “A Henry Reed Reunion” (2002).

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