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X:1 T:Shootin’ Creek [2] N:From the playing of Henry Reel (1884-1968, N:Glen Lyn, Giles County, southwest Virginia), N:recorded in the field by Alan Jabbour, 1966 M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:Library of Congress AFS 13037 B01, Henry Reed, 1966 D: Z:Transcribed by Alan Jabbour (in 2/4 time) K:D fa3 a3f|abaf e3e|feab a2ff|afec d3e| f2a2a2fa|abaf e3e|f2 ab a2ff|afec d2|| e2|fedB A2F2|Ae3 e3e|fedB A2F2|AFAF D4| fedB A2F2|Ae3 e3e|fedB A2F2 |ABAF D4||

SHOOTIN' CREEK [2]. American, Reel (cut time). USA, southwestern Virginia. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Alan Jabbour feels this version of the tune, from the playing of Henry Reed, “is similar enough to be compared to ("Shooting Creek (1)"), but different enough that it cannot be flatly called a variant.” He says it is of the simpler variety of tune popular with Blue Ridge area musicians, lending itself to performance on the banjo. From Jabbour's notes [1]: "Shooting Creek rises at the Blue Ridge, along the Floyd County-Franklin County line, and flows down the eastern flank of the mountain into Franklin County in the Virginia Piedmont. The hollow along Shooting Creek had a reputation for moonshining in the earlier twentieth century. Another tune entitled "Shooting Creek" has been recorded along the creek itself and in other locales in Virginia and West Virginia. Both strains of this tune end on the fifth degree; see Person, A Collection of Popular Airs (1889), p. 15, "Walk Around"; J. W. (Peg) Hatcher, Ferrum, Virginia, AFS 2740a2; Oscar Wright, Princeton, West Virginia, AFS 13034b19. Henry Reed's "Shooting Creek" is similar enough to be compared to the other tune, but different enough that it cannot be flatly called a variant. His two sets of "Shooting Creek" vary between themselves; this one ends by descending to a low D on the D-string in the second strain, while the other (AFS 13037b01) ends the second strain on a D on the A-string, an octave higher. The tune is of that simpler variety, lending itself to performance on the banjo, that seems especially popular with musicians along the Blue Ridge."

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