Siege of Kildrummie (The)

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Siege of Kildrummie (The). % Use caps for title, parts or Q: for tempo. %%scale 0.70 %%header "$P0 $P1" %%topmargin 1.5cm %%titlefont Helvetica-Bold 13 %%subtitlefont Helvetica-Bold 10 %%titleleft false %%titlecaps %%composerfont Helvetica 9 %%composerspace 0.3cm %%partsfont Times-Bold 10 %%vocalfont Times-Bold 13 %%musicspace 0.7cm %%gchordfont Times-Roman 12 %%parskipfac 1.0 %%leftmargin 2.3cm %%staffwidth 18.4cm %%staffsep 45 %%maxshrink 0.65 %%lineskipfac 1.1 %%parskipfac 0 %%textspace 0.2cm %%textfont Times-Roman 10 X:0 T: No Score C: The Traditional Tune Archive M: K: x

SIEGE OF KILDRUMMIE, THE. Scottish, Programmatic Medley. A medley of tunes composed with older tunes arranged by James Davie, editor of Davie's Caledonian Repository, a set of volumes published in Glasgow in 1829-30. It purports to musically describe the events leading up to, during and after the Battle of Kildrummie, and was dedicated by Davie to the spirit of the Scottish hero William Wallace.

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