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X:1 T:Sierra Swing C:Marvin Standifer M:C| K:G g2a2|b2f2ag2d|B4c2^c2|(3d2e2d2c2A2|F4zA cd| f3a fedA|(3c2d2c2(3B2A2G2|B8-|B2z2g2a2|b2f2ag2d|B4c2^c2| (3d2e2d2c2A2|F4zA cd|f3a fedA|cdcA BF2A|G6F2| =F4zGF2|E4CEG^G|A3GF2E2|D2B,C DDEG|B4-BB_B2| A4^c4|e3f(3g2a2b2|a4-afd_d|c4g2a2|b2f2ag2d|B4c2^c2| (3d2e2d2c2A2|F4zA cd|f3a fedA|cdcA BF2A|G8-|G2z2|]

SIERRA SWING. USA, swing tune (whole or cut time). G major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. "Sierra Swing" composer Marvin Standiford (1919 - 1995) was a prominent California fiddler. He submitted this tune to the National Old Time Fiddlers Association newsletter with this note: "Dear sir, I am sending a copy of a tune I composed in 1987 which I called Sierra Swing. Roscoe and Ossie White helped me put it on tape at the 1988 contest at Niland, Calif. Then Roscoe put it on paper for me. I would like to share it with other musicians who might like it. I get a lot of requests to play it at our jam sessions. I also have some other tunes I have composed if anybody should be interested. If you want to print this one in your paper, I would feel honored."

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - National Old Time Fiddlers Association newsletter, 1991. M.C. Pigg (Bremerton, Washington) [Williams].

Printed sources : - Stuart Williams (The Evergreen Fiddler vol. II), 2006; p. 7.

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Hear and see Marvin play this tune (with Wally Bloom on harmony) on YouTube at [1]

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