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X:12 T:Silver Box, The M:C L:1/8 R:Hornpipe N:”c. 1770” Q:"Allegro vivo" B:Moffat & Kidson – “Dances of the Olden Time” (1912, p. 31) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Bb .f.e|.d2.B2.B2 .d.B|.c.B.A.G .F2.F.E|.D.F.B.F .G.e.c.A|.[D2B2].[E2B2].[D2B2] .f.e| .d2.B2.B2 .g.f|.=e2.c2.c2 .c.B|.A.c.f.a. d.b.g.=.e|.[A2f2].[B2f2].[A2f2]|| |:.f.e|.d.B.A.B. F.B.A.B|.B2.E2.E2 .d.=c|.c.d.e.d .e.d.c.B|.A.B.G.A .F2 f.g.| .f.B.A.B .gB.A.B|.a.b.c’.a .b2 .B.A|G.B.c.e .d.B.c.A|.B2.[G2B2].[F2B2]:|

SILVER BOX, THE. AKA and see "Vinton’s Hornpipe," "Vinton," "Vincent's Hornpipe,” “St. Vincent's Hornpipe." English, Hornpipe (whole time). B Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune, which Bayard (1981) calls "a simple, perhaps comparatively early version," is dated c. 1770 in Moffat & Kidson's Dances of the Olden Time (1912).

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Printed sources : - Alfred Moffat and Frank Kidson (Dances of the Olden Time), 1912; p. 31.

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