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X:1 T:Silver Lake Waltz C:John C. Scherpf N:From the J.E. Sedlak manuscript, Portland, Oregon 1863 Z:V.T. Williams M:3/4 K:A e|cec'3b|ace3a|gB de gb|ace3d|cec'3b|ace3a| gB de gb|a2z2z:||:c'|baf3^d|egb3b|c'b aB ^df|egb3c'| baf3^d|egb3b|c'b aB ^df|e4^d=d|cec'3b|ace3a| gB de gb|ace2zd|cec'3b|ace3a|gB de gb|a2z2z:| |:e|(d'e) (ed') (d'e)|(c'e) (ec') (c'e)|be ae ge|ae be c'e| d'e ed' d'e|c'e ec' c'e|be ae ge|a2z2z:|

SILVER LAKE WALTZ. USA (Mid-Atlantic, Western/Pacific). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABABACC. Composed by John C. Scherpf, a prominent German-American composer in the mid nineteenth century; first published in New York in 1845 and re-published in many editions afterwards. This version is from a music manuscript created by Joseph E. Sedlak, originally from Bohemia, who was a musician, music instructor, and dance band leader in Portland, Oregon in the 1860's and 1870's.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Sedlak manuscript

Printed sources : - Williams (The Aurora Violin Manuscripts), 2016 p. 18

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