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X:1 T:Silver Strands N:From the playing of William H. Stepp (1875-1957, N:Salyersville, Magoffin County, Ky.), recorded in Oct., N:1937, by Alan & Elizabeth Lomax. M:C| L:1/8 R:Air and Schottische Q"Moderately Quick" D: D: D:Yazoo 2014, William Stepp - "Music of Kentucky vol. 1" (1995) D:Library of Congress AFS 01568 A01 K:G (ga|b2)(a/b/a) g2g2|d2B2G2B2|d2c2A2c2|[M:3/2]edB2 G6 ab| [M:C|] b2(a/b/a) g2g2|d2B2G2(cd|[e2e2])[e2e2]AG F2|1G6:|2 G8|| [G,4D4]G4|{A}B8|[G,4D4]c-B3|A8|D2F2A2B2|c4 B2c2| e2d2cBA2|B8|[G,4D4]G4|{A}B8|[G,4D4]c-B3|A8| D2F2A2B2|c4 c2 (cd|[e2e2])[e2e2]AG F2|G6||

SILVER STRANDS. American, Air and Schottische (cut time). USA, Kentucky. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'B. From the repertoire of Salyersville, Magoffin County, Kentucky, fiddler William Hamilton Stepp [1] (1875-1957), who was recorded for the Library of Congress in 1937 by folklorists Alan and Elizabeth Lomax. Stepp played the tune in G, however, because he tuned down a bit it sometimes sounds like he’s playing in F.

William H. Stepp
Stepp was a friend of Salyersville fiddler John Salyer, with whom he sometimes played.

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Recorded sources: - Library of Congress AFS 01568 A01, William H. Stepp (1937). Yazoo 2014, William Stepp – “The Music of Kentucky, vol. 1” (1995).

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