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X: 1 T: Silvery Voe, The C: Tom Anderson 1966 R: air B: Tom Anderson "Ringing Strings" 1983 N: Learned in 1985 from Ed Pearlman N: Tom Anderson's notes: N: "When the full moon shines down on a Shetland voe in winter the sea appears N: to be shining silver. Composed in the winter of 1966 when driving along N: Weisdale Voe. In the key of F major, as that key to me is always a silver N: colour." From a tape recording of Tom by a student. M: C L: 1/8 F: 2019-08-24 015812 UT K: F C2 \ | "F"A3G F2C2 | "Bb"D2F2 "F"C4 | "Bb"D2 B2 "F"C2 A2 | "Gm"BA GF "C7"G2 C2| "F"A3G F2C2 | "Bb"D2F2 "C7"C3B | "F"A C3 "C7"B,2G2 | "F"F4 F2 :| AB | "F"c3A f3 A | "Bb"B3c/d/ "F"c3A | "Bb"B2 dB "F"A2 cA | "Gm"BA GF "C7"G2 AB | "F"c3A f3 A | "Bb"B2cd "C7"c3B | "F"A C3 "C7"A3 G | "Bb"F3 E "F"FG "(C7)"AB| "F"c3A f3 A | "Bb"B3c/d/ "F"c3A | "Bb"Bd cB "F"Ac BA | "Gm"BA GF "C7"G2 C2 | "F"A3G F2C2 | "Bb"D2F2 "C7"C2B2 | "F"AC3 "C7"B,2G2 | "Bb"F4- "F"F2 |]

SILVERY VOE, THE. Shetland, Air (whole time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. The tune was composed in 1966 by Shetland fiddler, collector, teacher and composer Tom Anderson [1] (1910-1991), inspired by the moon shining down on Weisdale Voe (a voe is an inlet or fjord). In a winter sea the water appeared to be shining silver. Anderson said the key of F major seemed to him to sound like a silver color.

Tom Anderson

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Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Anderson (Ringing Strings), 1983; p. 37.

Recorded sources: - Topic 12TS379, Aly Bain & Tom Anderson - "Shetland Folk Fiddling, vol. 2" (1978).

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