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X:1 T:Simpson County [1] N:From the playing of Jim Bowles (1903-1993, Rock Bridge, south-central Monroe County, N:Kentucky), recorded in 1973 in the field by Bruce Greene. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel N:Mr. Bowles consistently used half notes at the cadences and at the end of phrases, dropping N:a beat or two, but he would often add the pick-up beat to the next phrase, making some of his N:cadences in 2/4 and some in 3/4 time. N:The last 2 and 1/2 measures of lines 1, 3 and 5 in the transcription are a melodic phrase from Felix N:McGlennon's British music hall song "Her golden hair was hanging down her back." D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G SA2-|B2 (B/c/d) BAGF|EFG2 c2 EF|GEDC B,CDF|[M:3/4]EFG2 Ac |[M:C|]BAGB AGFD |[M:3/4]G4:| B-c|[M:C|]d2(ef ge)df|edc-A {=f}[d2^f2]eg|fedf- edcA |[M:3/4]+slide+[d4f4]Bc| [M:C|]d2ef gedf|[M:5/4]edBA EFG2 Ac|[M:C|]BAGB AGFD|[M:2/4]G4| [M:C|]+slide+g2f-g e-fge|[M:5/4]dfed c-A +slide+d2e-g|[M:C|]fedf- edcA|[M:2/4][d4f4]| [M:C|]+slide+g2f-g e-fge|dfed BAFD|[M:2/4]+slide+[G,2G2]Ac |[M:C|]BAGB AGFD|[M:3/4]G4S||

SIMPSON COUNTY [1]. American, Reel (cut time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. "Simpson County [1]" is from the repertory of fiddler biography:Jim Bowles (1903-1993) of Rock Bridge, Monroe County, south-central Kentucky, on the border with Tennessee. Simpson County, Ky., is the second county due west of Monroe.

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