Sir Archibald Grant of Monemusk's Reel

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X:1 T:Sir Archibald Grant's Reel M:C| L:1/8 R:Strathspey S:McGlashan – Reels (c. 1786) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G e|d<G B>G d>Gc>e|d<G B>G A/B/A ce|d<G B>G B/c/d d>g|e>cA>d B>G G:| (g|g)>dd>g B>gd>f|g>dcg B>gA>f|g>de>g d>gB>g|e>cA>d B>GG>(g| g)>dd>g B>gd>f|g>dc>g B>gA>(f|g)>de>g d>gc>g|B>gA>g B>G G||

SIR ARCHIBALD GRANT OF MONEMUSK'S REEL. AKA and see "Money Musk (1)/Moneymusk/Monymusk(, Sir Archibald Grant of)." Scottish, Canadian; Strathspey. Canada, Cape Breton. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (Alburger, Johnson, McGlashan): AABB' (Johnson). Either composed or set (the latter according to a note in Gow's Caledonian Repository) by Daniel (sometimes Donald) Dow (1732 1783) in 1776, whose c. 1780 Thirty Seven New Reels & Strathspeys is the earliest appearance of the tune in print. Two earlier tunes are either models or cognate airs, depending on whether Dow actually did compose the tune or not, namely "Roy's Wife of Aldivallochd" and "Ruffian's Rant (The)." Sir Archibald founded the town of Archiestown, near Monahoudie Moss on Speyside. See notes entered under "Money Musk (1)" for more.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Dow's Thirty seven New Reels, p. 5 [Johnson].

Printed sources : - Alburger (Scottish Fiddlers and Their Music), 1983; Ex. 42, p. 65. Johnson (Scottish Fiddle Music in the 18th Century), 1984; No. 82, p. 228. S. Johnson (A Twenty Year Anniversary Collection), 2003; p. 28. McGlashan (A Collection of Reels), c. 1786; p. 19.

Recorded sources : - TAC002, Don Bartlett & The Scotians - "Play Favourites.” WMT002, Wendy MacIsaac – “That’s What You Get” (1997?).

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