Annotation:Sir James G. Baird Bart.

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X:1 T:Sir Jas. G. Baird Bart. Strathspey M:C L:1/8 S:Robert Mackintosh - Sixty Eight New Reels (1793) K:G B|(!trill!G>F G)<D (!trill!G>F G)<D|E<CA>G F<(AA>B)|(!trill!G>F G)<D (!trill!E<CE)<e|!trill!d>c!trill!B>A B<GG>B| (!trill!G>F G)<D (!trill!G>F G)<D|E<CA>G F<AA>B|(!trill!G>F G)<D (!trill!E<CE)<B,|C<A,!trill!D>C B,G,G,|] d|g<dg<B g<dd<B|c<A d>B F(AAB/c/)|d<Bg<d e<cd<D|E<(c!trill!B>A) B<GG>d| g<dg<B g<dg<B|c<A d>G F<(AA>B)|G>B d<D EGc>e|!trill!d>c!trill!B>A BGG|]

SIR JAMES G. BAIRD, BART. Scottish, Strathspey (whole time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Composed by biography:Robert Mackintosh. The title references Sir James Gardiner Baird, 6th Baronet of Saughtonhall, who died in 1830. Baird was also Lt. Colonel in command of the East Lothian Yeomanry Cavalry regiment, formed in 1797 (around the time Mackintosh composed his strathspey) as part of the home guard during the Napoleonic era.

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  • R. Mackintosh (Sixty Eight New Reels Strathspeys and Quicksteps), 1793; p. 25.
  • Glen (The Glen Collection of Scottish Dance Music, vol. 2), 1895; p. 14.

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