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X:11 T:Slap and Kiss A:London, England Q:1/2=110 M:3/2 L:1/8 S:T.Marsden, Collection of Lancashire HPs, 1705 Z:Village Music Project + Pete Stewart, 2004 <> K:G ef|gfedB2g2dB AG|A2e2e2A2cdef|gfedB2g2dB AG|BcdBg2B2cdef|| gfed BcdB dB AG|A2e2e2A2 cdef|gfed BcdB dB AG|B2g2g2B2cdec|| G2B2G2e2 BcdB|A2c2A2a2AB cA|G2B2G2g2BcdB|G2g2BcdB AB cA|| G2B2G2g2B2g2|A2a2A2a2A2g2|G2B2G2g2BcdB|G2g2BcdB AB cA|| GA Bc dB de dB AG|AB cd edcB AB cA|GA Bc dB de dB AG|BcdB efge fgaf|| gfed edcB cB AG|AB cd edcB AB cA|GA Bc dB de dB AG|BcdBg2B2d2g2|| B2G2D2g2dB AG|AB cd ec BA cdec|B2G2D2g2dB AG|BcdB g2B2cdec|| gd>z=f ec>ze dB>z G|A2e2e2A2cdef|gd>z=f ec>ze dB>z G|G2g4B2cdec|| B2g4ef gfed|cdef ec BA cdec|B2g4ef gfed |BcdB g2B2cdec|| G2B2G2g2G2B2|A2c2A2a2ABcA|G2B2G2g2G2B2|G2e2G2B2AB cA|| G2B2G2g2dB AG|AB cd ec BA cdef|gfed BcdB dB AG|BcdBg2B2d2g2|]

SLAP AND KISS. AKA and see "All Night I Lay with Jockey," "Lassie Gae Milk on My Cow Hill." English, Triple or “Old” Hornpipe (3/2 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCDEFGHIJK. An “old” or “triple-“ hornpipe from Thomas Marsden’s A Collection of Original Lancashire Hornpipes, Old and New. Containing Divisions upon each...being the first of this kind (London, 1705). The book was sold out of music publisher Henry Playford’s shop at the Temple Change, priced at one shilling. Unfortunately, very little is known about Marsden. Researcher John Offord notes that the "Old Spand Hornpipe" is quoted in the eighth variation of Marsden's tune.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Offord (John of the Greeny Cheshire Way), 2017 edition (first published in 1985); p. 74.

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