Sleeping Time Waltz

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X:1 T:Sleeping Time Waltz N:From the playing of fiddler Gene Clardy (Miss.) M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Waltz D:Vocalion 5462 (78 RPM), Gene Clardy & Stan Clements (1930) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D A,D|:FF FF FF|((3FGF) E2D2|FF FF FF|(3FGF E2D2|FF FF FF| F2B3A|G4-GA-|G2 B,-C D2|[B,6G6]|G2 ((3FGF) [E2A2]| G6|G2 ((3FGF) E2|c4-c-d|1c2 ((3BcB) A2|{FG}F6|F2z2A,2:| |:2c2 ((3BcB) A>A |A2B2c2 |g2f2e2|d6|d2|| F2-G2|:A2d2A2|{d}c4-cF-|G2e2c2|d6|A2d2A2| {d}c2a4|{c}B2A2G2|(3FGF E2 D>D|D2d3A|c4-cF-| G2e2c2|d6|g4{ga}b2|a2f2c2|e2c2a2|1d4F>G:|2d4|| |:A2|[F6d6]|([F2d2]-[G2e2]-[A2f2])|B6|G3 ((3G/A/F/ E2)|c6| ((3cBc)A2B2 |A4- A(A/B/|A2)F2A2|a6|a2(3gag f2| e4-ef|e2-d2-B2|[C6A6]|A2 [D2B2][E2c2]|d6|.d2z2:|]

SLEEPING TIME WALTZ. American, Waltz (3/4 time). USA, Mississippi. Fiddler Gene Clardy (pronounced ‘’Clair-Dee”) was one of the older Mississippi fiddlers to record in the 78 RPM era. It is said he taught Mississippi fiddling great Willie Narmour to play, although Mississippi traditional music researcher Harry Bolick thinks this is unlikely, as their styles are quite different.

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Recorded sources: -Document 8028, Gene Clardy & Stan Clements – “Mississippi String Bands, vol. 2” (reissue). Vocalion 5462 (78 RPM), Gene Clardy & Stan Clements (1930, b/w Harvest Home Waltz. Recorded Feb., 1930, in Memphis, Tennessee).

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