Annotation:Sleepy Maggie (2)

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X:1 T:Sleepy Moggy [2],aka. LW.124 M:4/4 Q:1/2=100 L:1/8 B:Lionel Winship MS, 1833, Wark, Northumberland Z:Village Music Project 2017 Anne Wride F: K:Ador e2 cd eAcd | e2 ce dGBd | e2 cd eAcd | efge dGBd :| |: eAcA eAcd | eAcA dGBd | eAcA eAcd | efge dGBd :| |: e2 ca Agcd | e2 ca GdBd | e2 ca Aecd | eage dGBd :| |: eAaA eAcd | eAaA gGBd | eAaA gAfA | eAfA gGBd:|

SLEEPY MAGGIE [2]. AKA and see “Small Coals and Ready Money.” AKA – “Sleepy Meggy.” The “Sleepy Maggie(1)” tune transposed to the key of A dorian so that it will fit into the range of the Northumbrian pipes.

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