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X:1 T:Sneeky Pete M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Two-step C:Charles Johnson (1875-1950) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G d|ga/b/- b/a/g/e/|d/e/d/B/ Gz|g/gg/ f/g/a|gzgz|| {def}ga/b/- b/g/a/g/|b/g/a/b/- b/a/g/e/|d/B/e/d/- d/B/e|d2- d/d/e/^e/| f/d/e/f/- f/d/[ce]|d2- d/d/e/f/|g/e/f/g/- g/e/f/g/|a/^ga/ d’z| {d/e/f/}ga/b/- b/g/a/g/|b/g/a/b/- b/a/g/e/|d/B/e/d/- d/B/[Be]|d2- dd/^d/| e/g/e/g/ dD/^D/|E/G/E/G/ DG/A/|B?G/A/B/- B/G/A|1 G2-Gz:|2 G/d/^c/d/|| e2 fg|a^g2 a|d'2 e'2|b4|ab2a|e2 fg| ab2a|f2 ed|e2 fg|a^g2 a|d'2e'2|b4| ab2a|e>f ge|1 a4 |g/d/^c/d/:|2 a4|gzgz|| {def}ga/b/- b/g/a/g/|b/g/a/b/- b/a/g/e/|d/B/e/d/- d/B/e|d2- d/d/e/^e/|f/d/e/f/- f/d/e| d2- d/d/e/f/|g/e/f/g/- g/e/f/g/|a/^ga/ d’z|{def}ga/b/- b/g/a/g/|b/g/a/b/- b/a/g/e/| d/B/e/d/- d/B/e|d2- d/^d/|e/g/e/g/ eD/^D/|E/G/E/G/ DG/A/|B/G/A/B/- B/G/A|Gzgz|| P:Trio K:C G3E |G E2G|cc B/c/d/|[E4c4]|G3E|G E2G| D/^C/D/E/ ^F/c/B/A/|GBAG|G3E|G E2G|cc B/c/d|(c2 c)c/d/| e/f/e/d/ c2|B/c/B/A/ G>^G|A/B/c/A/ B/c/d/e/|1 cAGE:|2 cg^fg|| |:a2 bc'|d'^c'2 d'|g'2 a'2|e'4|d'e'2d'| A2 bc'|d'e'2d'|b2 ag|a2 bc'|d'^c'2d'|g'2a'2| e'4|d'e'2d'|a>b d'a|d'4|1 c'g^fg:|2 c'zc'z||

SNEEKY PETE. American, Two-Step (2/4 time). USA, Mo. Composed c. 1907 by Charles Leslie Johnson (1875-1950) of Kansas City, who also composed such famous ragtime pieces as “Dill Pickle Rag” and “Kansas City Rag.” Johnson was not only a skilled pianist, but joined several guitar and mandolin clubs and organized several string orchestras the played in the Kansas City area.

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