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X:1 T:Something Sweet to Tell You N:From a field recording of fiddler Jimmy Wheeler (1917-1987, N:Portsmouth, Scioto County, southern Ohio), by John Harrod M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Moderate" D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D B|A2D A2d|f3 f/g/fe|d2F (B/c/B)A|[E3A3]-[E2A2]F| [G2A2][FA] [G2A2]A|+slide+[e3e3] [e2e2]d|[c3e3] (B/c/A)G|[F3A3]-[E2A2]E| D2F A2d|d3 d2 B|A2F (B/c/B)A|[E3A3]-[E2A2]F| [G2A2][FA] [G2A2]A|+slide+[e3e3] [e2e2]d|[c2e2]A B2c|1d3- d2|2 d3-d|| |:(f/g/f)|e2d Bcd|ABA F2d|c2A B2c|d2 (f/4g/4f/) e2 (f/4g/4f/)| e2d Bcd|ABA F2d|c2A B2c|1d3 d:|2 d3 d2||

SOMETHING SWEET TO TELL YOU. AKA - "I have something Sweet to Tell You," "Something Sweet to Tell." American, Air (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'B. The tune apparently derives from a mid-19th century composition entitled "I've Something Sweet to Tell You!" AKA "I'm Talking in my Sleep", words by Francis S. Osgood, however, the melody has been folk-processed and is not directly traceable. This version is from the northeast Kentucky/southern Ohio region, where 6/8 time tunes are not common. The tune could be set as a schottische.

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Recorded sources: -Musical Traditions MTCD341-2, Ray Hilt et al - "Meeting's a Pleasure: Folk-songs of the Upper South, vol. 1" (2007. Various artists). Rounder 380, Roger Cooper - "Going Back to Old Kentucky" (1996).

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