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X:117 T:Spanish Waltz [2] L:1/8 M:3/4 %%MIDI beat 100 95 80 S:Colin Hume's website, - chords can also be printed below the stave. N:Strains 1,2 are "La Manuela" N: Strains 3,4 are Rossini's "La tua Danza s\`i Leggier\`a" from the dance scene in his "Gulielmo Tell" opera (1829). H:Howe's Drawing Room Dances (1859) and other sources Q:1/4=120 K:G P:A |: Bc | "G"d2dgfg | "G"Bdd2GB | "D7"Acc2FA | "G"GBB2Bc | "G"d2dgfg | "G"Bdd2GB | "D7"Acc2FA | "G"G4 :| P:B |: GB | "D7"Acc2FA | "G"GBB2GB | "D7"Acc2FA | "G"GBB2Bc | "G"d2dgfg | "G"Bdd2GB | "D7"Acc2FA | "G"G4 :| P:C |: DGA | "G"B3GBc | "G"d3eBe | "D7"dcAFAe | "G"dBGDGA | "G"B3GBc | "G"d3eBe | "D7"dcADFA | "G"G3 :| P:D |: dBd | "C"g3-gfe | "G"edd2e2 | "D7"dcc2d2 | "G"cBB2(3GBd | "C"g3-gfe | "G"edd2e2 | "D7"dcc DFA | "G"G3 :|

SPANISH WALTZ [2]. AKA and see "Manuela (La)." G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDD. This tune was often used for a waltz mixer dance in Sicilian Circle formation. A two-strain version (the first two parts of "Spanish Waltz (2)") was entered as "Manuela (La)" in the mid-19th century music manuscript book of musician M.E. Eames[1]. The third ('C') and fourth ('D') strains are opera composer wikipedia:Gioachino Rossini's (1792–1868) chorus part in the third act entitled "La tua Danza sì Leggierà," from the dance scene in his opera Gulielmo Tell (1829). During the Crimean War John MacLeod transcribed "La tua danza sì leggiera" to create the tune "Green Hills of Tyrol (The)", a well-known retreat march in the Scottish bagpipe tradition. The musician Andy Stewart added lyrics and the song in 1961 became a hit under the name "A Scottish Soldier".

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Printed sources : - Howe (Drawing Room Dances), 1859.

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  1. Although nothing is known of musician Eames, he was probably a violinist, perhaps from Philadelphia, Pa. (judging from some titles in the manuscript).