Annotation:Spider Island Jig

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X:1 T:Spider Island Jig M:6/8 K:D F/2G/2|"D"ABA FAd|f2d AFG|ABA FAd|"A"c3 cAB|c2c cBA| g2g gfe|"A7"c2c cBA|"D"f3fFG|ABA FAd|f2d "A7"AFG| ABA FAd|"A"c3 cAB|c2c cBA|g(3f/g/f/e cAB|ceg fce|"D"d3 d2d|| "D"ded c2d|b2a f2d|ded c2B|"G"g3 gAB|"A"c2c cBA| g2g gfe|"A7"c2c cBA|"D"f3 -f2A|ded c2d|b2a f2d|ded c2B| "G"g3 gAB|"A"c2c cBA|g(3f/g/f/e cAB|"A7"ceg f2e|"D"d3 d2:|

SPIDER ISLAND JIG. Canadian, Jig. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - learned by fiddler Vic Kibler (Hamilton County, N.Y.) from the recording "Ed Gyurki, Canada's Champion Fiddler 1958 1959" [Bohrer].

Printed sources : - Thomas Bohrer (Vick Kibler: Adirondack Fiddler), 1992; No. 23, p. 23.

Recorded sources : - Alcazar Dance Series ALC 201, Jerry Robichaud "Maritime Dance Party" (1978).

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