Annotation:Splendid Isolation

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X:1 T:Splendid Isolation M:4/4 L:1/8 C:Brendan McGlinchey R:Reel Z:N. Ishii K:Gdor FGAF GdcA|G2AG FGAc|dAcA GABc|dggf g2ga| bgag fd (3ddd|fgeg fdcA|G2AG FGAc|dAcA G4:| |:g2ag fd (3ddd|gfdc Acdc|AG (3GGG Acdc|AG (3GGG F4| FGAF GdcA|GdAG FGAc|dg (3ggg fgag|fdcA G4:||

SPLENDID ISOLATION. AKA and see “McGlinchey's (2)," “Brendan McGlinchey's (1).” Irish, Reel. Composed by fiddler Brendan McGlinchey in 1972 originally as a reel, the result of an “outpouring of emotion” following the end of a tour and the parting of friends. McGlinchey reworked the tune twenty years later as an air, after he resumed playing after a long hiatus.

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Recorded sources : - Folkways F 8876, Kevin Burke - "Sweeney's Dream: Fiddle Tunes from County Sligo, Ireland" (1977).

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