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X:1 T:Sportsman's Hornpipe M:4/4 L:1/8 R:Hornpipe K:Amin AB|c2 cA B2 BA|GABc dBGB|c2 cA B2 BA|E2A2A2 AB| c2 cA B2 BA|GABc dBGB|gfge dBAG|E2A2A2:| |:AE|ABcd efge|afdf edcB|ABcd efge|afdf e2 (3efg| a2 af g2 ge|c2 ce dBGB|cBcA BABG|E2 A2 A2:|

SPORTSMAN'S HORNPIPE. AKA and see “Oldham Sportsman (The).” English, Hornpipe. England, North‑West. A Dorian (Callaghan, Knowles): G Dorian (Kershaw, Offord). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune is contained in the 19th century Joseph Kershaw manuscript, the source for all modern publications. Kershaw was a fiddle player who lived in the remote area of Slackcote, Saddleworth, North West England, who compiled his manuscript from 1820 onwards, although little more is known of him. His manuscript presently is kept at the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library at Cecil Sharp House, London. The tune is nowadays sometimes called “The Oldham Sportsman.”

Additional notes

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