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X:1 T:Spotland Hornpipe M:3/2 L:1/8 S:Marsden (1705) N:near Rochdale RC Z:Transcribed by Pete Stewart and posted at N:(reposted at Fiddler’s Companion by permission) K:F A2F2c2F2A2F2|agfe fedc dc BA|B2G2d2G2B2G2|bagf gf _ed _edcB|| ABc2def2ABc2|fefgf2A2c2BA|Bcd2efg2Bcd2|gfgag2B2d2cB|| ABc2def2efg2|agfe fedc dcBA|Bcd2efg2^fga2|bagf gf _ed _edcB|| A2F2f2F2f2F2|f2f2f2A2c2BA|B2G2g2G2g2G2|g2g2g2B2d2cB|| Ac3/2z/f Bd3/2z/ f cA GF|Bd3/2z/f ce3/2z/g dB AG|B2g4B2d2cB|| F2A2G2B2A2c2|A2f4A2c2BA|G2B2A2c2B2d2|d2g4B2d2cB|| A2c2f2d2g2e2|c2f4A2c2BA|B2d2g2e2a2f2|d2g4B2d2cB||

SPOTLAND HORNPIPE. English, ‘Old’ Hornpipe (3/2 time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCDEFG. An “old” or “triple” hornpipe from Thomas Marsden’s A Collection of Original Lancashire Hornpipes, Old and New. Containing Divisions upon each (London, 1705). The book was sold out of Henry Playford’s shop at the Temple Change, priced at one shilling. Spotland was an old parish or townland (consisting of Spotland Further Side and Spotland Nearer Side), now dissolved, in Rochdale, Lancashire. An excerpt from this Lancashire hornpipe appears in John Offord's article "Lancashire and Cheshire Hornpipes" (English Dance and Song, Summer 1990, 52{2}). Source for notated version: “a personal be found in Thomas Marsden’s Original Lancashire Hornpipes Old and New (1706) [Knowles].

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Printed sources : - Knowles (A Northern Lass), 1995; p. 33.

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