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X:1 T:Stack the Rags M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Single Jig Q:"Very Quick" B:R.M. Levey – First Collection of the Dance Music of Ireland (1858, No. 53, p. 21) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:F !Fermata!d|(cA)G (G2F)|(D2G) G3|(cAG) G2G|f3 (e2d)| (cA)G (G2F)|(D2G) G3|F2G A2B|c3d3:| G2g g3|(^faf) g3|d2g g2e|f3 (e2d)| G2g g3|(^faf) g3|(aba) a2g|f3 (d2c)| d2g g3|(^faf) g3|d2g g2e|(f3 f2)g| (agf) (gfe)|(fed) f2d|(cBA) A2A|f3 (e2d)||

STACK THE RAGS (Cruac suas na ceirteaca). AKA and see “Leitrim Jig (1) (The).” Irish, French-Canadian; Single Jig (6/8 time). G Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. Francis O'Neill acknowledged in a letter to A.P. Graves that "the two notes in the penultimate bar are incorrectly printed" in his Music of Ireland (1903), a mistake he picked up from his source (either R.M. Levey or Elias Howe's publications). He corrected the mistake in his Dance Music of Ireland (1907)[1].

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Printed sources : - Carlin (Master Collection), 1984; No. 82, p. 54. P.M. Haverty (One Hundred Irish Airs vol. 2), 1858; No. 132, p. 60. R.M. Levey (First Collection of the Dance Music of Ireland), 1858; No. 53, p. 21. O'Neill (Music of Ireland: 1850 Melodies), 1903; No. 989, p. 184. O'Neill (Dance Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems), 1907; No. 379, p. 77.

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