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X:1 T:Stone Mountain Wobble S:Scottdale String Band (Georgia) for first strain only. N:The second strain of the Scottdale SB recording is N:largely chord vamping, and unmelodic. The second strain is N:a "revival" substitution. M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Rag Q:Moderate F: D:OKeh 455118 (78 RPM), Scottdale String Band (1927) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C GA|c2BA-A3A| c2d2 eg2A|c2BA- A2G2|Bd2B d3c| c2B2A3A|c2d2eg3e|a2ae g2ee|e2d2c2 cc| c2B2A3A|c2d2 eg2A|c2BA-A2G2|Bd2B d2cc| c2B2A3A|c2d2eg3e|a2ae g2ee|e2d2c2 G2|| a2aa a2b2|a2g2e2c2|d2dd d2 e2|d2c2A4| BAB2 AG2A|BABB AG2B|cBc2 de3|g6^g2| a2aa a2b2|a2g2e4c|d2dd d2e2|d2c2A2(_B2-| =B)AB2 AG2 A|BABB AG2B|cBcd eged|c6||

STONE MOUNTAIN WOBBLE. AKA and see "Stone Mountain Toddle." American, Country Rag (cut time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. A two-strain country mandolin rag from north Georgia's biography:Scottdale String Band, who are credited with the composition, and who recorded it in 1927 in Atlanta for OKeh Records. The community of Scottdale is part of Atlanta. Stone Mountain is a prominence on the outskirts of Atlanta, the site of a Civil War battle in defense of the city from General Sherman's Union army. Several years after the Scottdale recording, the tune was recorded in New York in the early 1930's John V. Walker (1891-1980) with his band Walker's Corbin Ramblers under the nearly identical title "Stone Mountain Toddle." "Stone Mountain Rag" is a similarly-titled but different county rag tune, from the Roanoke Jug Band.

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Recorded sources : - Arhoolie Records 7054, Scottdale String Band - "Old Folks better go to Bed" (2004. Various artists). County 548, Walker's Corbin Ramblers - "Ridin' in an Old Model 'T'". OKeh 45118 (78 RPM), Scottdale String Band (1927). Red Clay Ramblers - "Old North State" (2009). Vetco Records LP 503, The Hotmud Family - "Stone Mountain Wobble" (1974). Vocalion Records 02790 (78 RPM), Walker's Corbin Rambers (1934, as "Stone Mountain Toddle").

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